Designed for you

With 9,000+ clients, we understand small businesses and have tailored our insurance packages to suit your needs.

Underwritten at Lloyd’s

You’re in safe hands. All our insurance policies are underwritten at Lloyd’s of London.

Super-low excesses

Making claims shouldn’t be costly. With our low excesses, you won’t be unfairly penalised if you ever need to claim.

Do I need small business insurance?

Running your own business takes a lot of passion, dedication, and investment (of time and money). It’s therefore vital you have the correct insurance in place to cover you if something unexpected happens.Whether or not an incident is your fault, it could mean the difference between your business staying afloat and going under.Ultimately, having the correct business insurance policy helps support you, your business, your clients, and the general public should the need arise.

What makes us different?

We understand the needs of small businesses. Using knowledge gained from the 9,000+ satisfied clients who already trust us to look after their accounts, we’ve designed Crunch Insurance from the ground up.

We’ve created three packages to make it as easy and quick as possible to get insurance, including cover for professional indemnity, employers’ liability, public liability, and business interruption.

No long forms to fill out, no unnecessary questions, no hassle.

Small business insurance explained

Small business employers’ liability insuranceAside from a few exceptions, employers’ liability insurance is mandatory for small businesses. It provides a financial award to a member of your staff who is injured or has property damaged while in your employment during working hours.Small business public liability insurancePublic liability insurance protects you, the business owner, against a claim from the public for financial loss, accident, or injury. It also protects the public for any accident or injury sustained due to the business.

Small business professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance offers protection for small businesses should a customer sue you for a financial loss they believe you caused through your action or negligent advice.

Business interruption insurance for small businesses

If you are unable to carry out your work due to a disaster, business interruption insurance will mean you don’t lose out financially.