10 Reasons to Choose DigiTax Services:

  1. We are qualified and sector experienced; so you will be in safe hands.
  2. We give priority to our clients, and we understand that every business is unique as every client has individual requirements and needs.
  3. We will work with you to understand your business and help you to enhance your business performance.
  4. You will have unlimited phone call access to your qualified accountant without booking any appointments.
  5. We will prepare your accounts & other services promptly within deadlines, provided you have supplied us with all of the information we require well in time.
  6. We do remind you about deadlines to submit the accounts and tax returns.
  7. You will be dealing with your dedicated accountant which will drive efficiencies to reduce your fee.
  8. We target emails reply with 24 hours that save your unnecessary waiting time.
  9. We only take the assignment if we do consider us capable enough to keep up with your requirements.
  10. Our fee arrangements are flexible and we let you pay monthly or quarterly direct debits as per mutual agreement.

Why choose an online accountant?

More and more services have moved to an online or digital environment, as the easiest and best way of accessing them, allowing individuals and businesses greater control over their data, their time and their lives, whilst reducing the hassle associated with many boring but essential admin tasks…accountancy and financial advice is no different.

We provide full-service accountancy, bookkeeping, tax and payroll services for small businesses, contactors, freelancers and other self-employed individuals, using a bespoke online system and communicating with our clients via phone and email.

Expert, professional advice and excellent customer service, available through a variety of modern communication tools, combined with the ease of access, improved control and visibility, additional functionality and value for money pricing available online, makes this the obvious choice and one more and more people are making.

Why choose Digi Tax Accounts?

Quality of Service

We pride ourselves on the quality of service provided to our clients.

  • We are dedicated small business and self-employed individual specialists, not a traditional accountancy firm “dipping its toe in the water” – all our clients are our priority, they all pay us approximately the same fee and because of our systems, we can give them all a tailored and high-quality service – we don´t prioritise our time and attention to “big business” clients, as tends to happen with traditional firms.
  • You can access our professional accountants by phone, email and Skype, when it suits you, all year round, not only at year-end or when there´s room in the diary. No appointment necessary and you don´t have to trek to the office.
  • Our software is bespoke and designed to suit small businesses employing just one or a few people and to minimise the work you do, not a complex, off the shelf package. It´s very easy to use and gives you one system to stay on top of all of your financial, accounting and tax records, doing away with the need for extra paperwork and numerous spreadsheets – be more organised with less effort.
  • We focus on minimising tax, for small businesses specifically and on setting up your business to maximise the amount you take home.
  • You speak to an accountant when you contact us, not a “customer services operative” who will pass you from pillar to post.
  • We´re happy dealing with sole traders as well as limited companies.

Added Value

We excel in the additional services we can offer you.

  • Real time control and visibility over your financial position ­ you can view, update and manage your records, accounts and tax affairs, at any time, as and when you want, all year round. You can even use your smartphone for many functions, say when you´re on the move and have some time to kill – this all adds up to much greater control, flexibility and visibility than with a traditional accountant relationship.
  • Not only will we sort out your accounts and tax compliance, our system will act as a valuable business tool – you can invoice your customers, track who owes you money, store receipts as a photo and record expenses, mileage and projects, all in one place – not something you´d expect included within your traditional accountant´s fee.
  • Our systems mean we can offer automated reminders and guaranteed turnaround times for accounts and tax returns – in short, peace of mind and excellent customer service – never miss a payment or filing deadline.
  • We provide free HMRC investigation insurance.
  • Makes other financial transactions easier – such as applying for mortgages – as your finances are already up to date at any point in time.
  • We´re paper free, so it´s an easy way of “doing your bit”.

Peace of Mind

Ensure you choose the right online accountant for your business.

  • Experienced, professional, expert accountants – we know what we´re doing.
  • However, we don´t use jargon – a friendly person is available by phone, email or Skype, for advice and support when you need it.
  • We are not only about technology – we are mainly about clients and about service. For example, if you have a system you prefer or you would rather use spreadsheets, we won´t force you to do things our way.
  • We´ve made things very straightforward but if you´re concerned about switching accountants or getting to grips with the system, we´ll help you every step of the way, by phone and email.
  • Our systems are secure.
  • And there´s no commitment – you can leave whenever you wish.

All of the above included for a fixed fee that´s lower than most traditional accountants charge just for processing your records, for a far higher level of service, on your terms and at your convenience – our basic fee covers all of the accounting and tax returns necessary when running a business, including self-assessment returns.

In short – a modern, high-quality, regulated, one-stop shop service for all of your financial needs and with huge additional benefits too.


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