Affordable online accounting and financial control for franchise networks and franchises.

  • Helping you to help your franchisees maximise their chances of financial success.
  • New, growing or established franchise?
  • Want to reduce your network accounting costs and those of your franchisees?
  • Want to remove the admin burden of tax compliance, whilst improving service and consistency across your network?
  • Want to implement a robust network-wide invoicing, accounting and financial control system – with minimal cost and time commitment?
We’ve been using DigiTax Accountants since 2015 and they have helped the smooth running of our business.
Martin, Tech Squad
They have helped me greatly in starting out my business.
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At the recent National Franchise Exhibition, well-informed expert speakers talked about the importance of financial control and compliance when building a franchise network. And we couldn’t agree more.

To be successful your franchisees will need to be able to plan, budget and comply with accounting and tax rules; and you’ll need visibility over their finances. However, achieving this is not necessarily simple or cheap – stories of costly central network accounting functions, as well as the tax and regulatory compliance burden on franchisees are commonplace.

DigiTax Accountants offers a low cost 21st century approach to UK-wide accounting support for franchisees. It’s a complete, affordable accountancy service but it’s also so much more. Our unique blend of modern customer service, streamlined processes, online technology and fixed fees can:

  • Remove the distracting accounting and tax admin burden on your franchisees
  • Ensure franchisees have robust financial controls and real time visibility of their figures – with minimal time commitment and at no extra cost
  • Ensure franchisees are consistently compliant with all company and tax obligations – with minimal time commitment
  • Provide an easy-to-implement financial control and compliance system across your network – at minimal cost
  • Reduce your accounting costs and those of your franchisees
  • Be a valuable element of your franchisee support package
  • Replace a centralised network accounting and control function – reducing overhead, whilst maintaining control and visibility in ‘the centre’

A recent report by the Federation of Small Businesses stated that the average small business loses 12 days per year dealing with tax obligations! And two thirds of businesses estimate that they spend £3,500 in associated support fees.

Despite this one in three said that a lack of cashflow planning resulted in late tax payments and one in five that a lack of understanding of HMRC requirements meant they missed tax deadlines.

At the same time, the taxman is clamping down on small businesses, with a 30% increase in compliance revenues from SMEs in 2013 compared with the previous year. This all suggests a worrying level of risk, cost and distraction is commonplace.

DigiTax Accounts can solve all of these issues, for many franchise networks, with more consistency and at a lower cost than you and your franchisees are currently incurring.

Some of the benefits of our service

  • Reduces risk & delivers consistency in financial & tax compliance across your franchisee network
  • Removes the burden of distracting company set-up & tax requirements on new franchisees
  • Saves your franchisees time & money, all year round
  • Provides a cost-effective, up-to-date financial position for all your franchisees, 24/7


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