Our service also includes free online accounting software.

When you register with us, you’ll be joining a service that can deliver the accounting expertise linked in with cutting edge technology to ensure you have all the tools you need to build a successful business.

So, not only do you get your own dedicated accountant to look after you and the full compliment of services you should expect an accountant to provide, but you also get free accounting software that your accountant can access anytime to provide relevant advice based upon your real time finances.

Use the smartphone app to manage your accounts

  • Manage your accounts on the go with our new app for the IOS and Android smartphone
  • Create expense claims and upload receipts directly in to the app
  • Add miles travelled and the app will monitor HMRC approved mileage rates

Dashboard provides quick pay calculations

  • Use the dashboard to quickly monitor what you can take in expenses, wages and dividends
  • Check out your accountant easily and contact them through the software
  • Quick access links helps you get to the page you want to go to quickly

Add and manage expenses and mileage claims

  • Create expense claims and view receipts uploaded by the smartphone app
  • Add and manage mileage claims and let our software calculate the approved mileage rates
  • Quickly monitor what expenses you are owed at any one point in time

Create and send sales invoices

  • Create sales invoices and send directly by email or simply download to PDF
  • Quickly check who is owing and send reminders effortlessly
  • Enter differents types of sales, time, quantity or lump sum amounts easily

Manage your VAT returns

  • Easily create VAT return calculations using a number of different schemes
  • Save VAT returns so that easier to claim missed VAT from a previous period
  • Your accountant will submit the return internally and update the system

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